Aquascenic: Oxygen purity - 100% chlorine-free

Crystal Pools is the exclusive representative of Aquascenic of Sugar Valley in Greece and Cyprus. 
Aquascenic is an innovative electronic system for absolute water disinfection without chlorine, or chemicals use. This ensures healthy water purification, while at the same time frees you from the costs for chemicals and chlorine, used far, and reduces maintenance costs of your machines.

Image titleNo more chlorine and chemicals to clean your pool!

Chlorine use disadvantages

  • Stinging eyes, or skin

  • Intense and toxic odor

  • Difficult to use

  • Difficult to store

  • Continuous monitoring need

  • Shortlife-span on hot days

  • Inadequate for germs with proven immunity

  • Harmful to humans and the environment

Advantages of using Aquascenic

  • 100% chlorine-free, algaecide, flocculant.

  • 100% free of germs.

  • 100% odor-and chlorine taste - free.

  • 100% noirritation to the eyes, nose and skin.

  • 100% crystal clear water.

  • 100% humanand environment -friendly.

  • An end to faded hair and swimwear.

  • Reduction of the maintenance needs of your pool and engine room.

  • Additional protection thanks to disinfection with UV rays.

Oxygen purity

Aquascenic of Sugar Valley is an electronic method for perfect disinfection of pool water, which completely raises the need to use chlorine, algaecides and flocculant. It produces it self oxygen using the water in the pool (as opposed to other systems that require the costly addition of oxygen to operate). Aquascenic is suitable for all types of water, fresh or brackish, even seawater, without the use of a pH regulator. It can be installed on both new, or existing pools of any technology such ass kimmer, overflow, sand filters, diatomaceous earth, etc.

Aquascenic is easily mounted directly in the engine room, either on new, or existing pools.


Operation method

A. Hydrolysis - Oxygenation. It simply breaks the water itself to oxygen and other compounds that sanitize, disinfect and destroy germs, while maintaining all of the physical properties of water. This is called electronic oxidation through hydrolysis and oxygenation.

B. Ionization. In addition to oxygenation of the water of the pool and in order to achieve perfect disinfection, Aquascenic technology ionizes water using the aid of copper and silver electrodes. Your pool water is maintained in the best possible, human and environment friendly manner without the use of chlorine, algaecides and flocculant.

C. UV rays. The new generation of Aquascenic complements water disinfection using UV rays that are well known in medicine for their disinfectant properties. Thus, it further improves water quality and eliminates algae, bacteria and viruses even in high summer temperatures, in cases of extended usage of the pool and in heated pools.

Result: An end in the use of chlorine, algaecide and flocculant. 100% disinfectionusing oxygen, ionization, UV rays and automatic PH regulation.

How does water disinfection using hydrolysis, ionization and oxygenation works?

a. Hydrolysis and oxygenation via electronic oxidation

Hydrolysis (water decomposition): Water consists of 88% oxygen and 12% hydrogen. Using the hydrolysis and oxygenation system of Aquascenic, the pool water is split into oxygen and hydrogen compounds (OH-, H2O2, O2 and O -) which disinfect and sanitize the pool water itself.

Aquascenic, using current at 230Volt, 50Hz converts it to DC (safe) voltage current of just 12 Volt and then feeds it to the titanium electrodes coated with noble metals. As pool water passes through the titanium electrodes it decomposes and the process produces hydroxyl OH-, atomic oxygen O--, molecular oxygen O2, andperoxide H2O2 in gaseous form (bubbles). These elements inside pool water, oxidize, sanitize and disinfect it, eliminating 100% the use of chlorine. When this process is completed, free elements recompose to form water. So you can swim in water free of chemicals and germs. Through this system, the pool water is disinfected by the water itself, without the odor and other harmful effects of chemicals. The following table highlights the strength of each chemical element in water cleaning (oxidation relative point, ORP) and compares the mwith chlorine (gas) which is the basis (oxidation relative point, ORP = 1). As evidenced the OH- hydroxyl radical and atomic oxygen O - have almost twice disinfecting capacity compared to chlorine.

The process of hydrolysis and oxygenation of Aquascenic creates a combination of strong, but completely harmless to humans elements for water disinfection in such quantities that CANNOT be achieved using ozonation (O3) which is a known  source of potential health problems, especially in indoor swimming pools. Inaddition, the generation of oxygen and hydroxyl can reach quantities (20 to40gr / min) in which most ozone generation machines are unable to reach themselves, since they usually produce 0,2 to 0,4 gr / min . The main advantage of the Aquascenic oxidation process and of the production of O-- and OH- from the water of the pool itself, is that it does not generate byproducts harmful to the health, such as dioxins, trihalomethane and other acids derived from chlorination.

Result: The electronic oxidation of Aquascenic completely raises the need to use chlorine as a water purification method and outweighs Ozone.

b.Copper and Silver Ionization

Inaddition to the hydrolysis and oxygenation of pool water, Aquascenic technology produces conventional ionization by means of copper and silver electrodes.


For centuries, water disinfection is achieved using copper and silver ions. Ancient Greeks used copper and silver containers for storing water. And the kings of the ancient Greeks drank from silver cups. The low solubility of these metals assisted the controlled supply of minimum quantity of ions in the water kept in them. These minimum amounts were sufficient to sterilize water, without causing health problems or bad taste to those who drank it. It should be noted that even in the space program of NASA, Apollo, water disinfection in the spaceship swas performed using silver ions (silver ionization), since silver is a powerful microbicidal metal.

Back to the pools, both private and professional, in order to ensure additional disinfection of water especially during the summer months, when the need for disinfection is more intense- the ionization of Aquascenic continuously generates copper and silver ions in small concentrations in the water flow,i.e., from 0.2 to 0.5 parts per million per amount of water (ppm), which suffice to kill algae. Therefore, there is no need to use algaecides.

Furthermore, Aquascenic, by means of ionization, entrains very small particles in the water of the swimming pool so that they join therefore growing in size. As a result, the conventional filter of your pool is now able to trap the suspended particles (dirt) that once passed through it. Therefore, the conventional filter of your pool becomes more

efficient which, in its turn, raises the need to use flocculant.

Moreover, the copper-silver ionization of Aquascenic controls to a great extent the microorganisms adhering on the inner walls of pipes and equipment of pool,which reduce the lifetime of the pipes and the efficiency of the machines. 

Result: Aquascenic Ionization

a.Completely removes the need to use algaecides and flocculant

b.Renders conventional filters more efficient

c.Prolongs the life of filtering machinery

c.UV Disinfection

The new generation of Aquascenic, besides oxygenation and ionization enables additionally the combined disinfection using UV rays. UV-rays have the ability to enter the DNA of the microbes and destroy them completely, thereby stopping their proliferation and making them completely harmless. It should be noted that the potable water supply of New York and California is based on disinfection with UV lamps. In Aquascenic, UV rays operate as an additional aid to hydrolysis and are necessary on days with very high temperatures and prolonged use of the pool, without requiring a single gram of chlorine,bromine, ozone or salt.

Result: Strong disinfection and faster elimination of algae, bacteria and viruses, evenin the most adverse conditions.

Aquascenic system is the most perfect and cost-effective way to perfectly preserve the seawater pool without using PH. The water quality achieved in your pool is much better than that of the sea.


Chlorineis used as a means of disinfecting water since early 1900. It is fast in the inactivation of most microorganisms and its lifetime is quite long. Thus it remains in the water and provides continuous disinfection for a few days. It is relatively cheap and easy to procure. But recently there has been identification of several disadvantages arising from the use of chlorine as a disinfectant.

What causes most concern is the production of trihalomethanes (THM) from the reaction of chlorine (or bromine, iodine) with organic materials. It was determined that trihalomethanes caused cancer in laboratory animals. By-products of water chlorination have been found to be associated with cancer of the colon or urethra in humans following epidemiological studies. The limit of safe trihalomethanes content (THMs) in drinking water for humans is 100parts per billion. The water in pools contains at least 10 times greater THM content than the drinking water. The risk, of course, is not related to the inadvertent ingestion of THM, but to the absorption of THM through the skin. Studies have shown that the amount of THM absorbed by the skin during swimming may be greater than the amount of THM that a person would receive by drinking aglass of pool water.

The irritation of the eyes and the nose, dryness and redness of the skin,unpleasant smell in the pool area, as well as the fading of hair and swim suits are known to all who have swum in a pool with chlorine.

Another risk of pool disinfection using chlorine is the short shelf life of chlorine onhot summer days, as it decays from sunlight. The continuous monitoring of the level of chlorine is necessary. Failure to comply with the chlorine conten t(either due to improper monitoring, negligence, or due to the excess number swimmers) and the drop there of at very low levels may result in great risk of infection for the swimmers. Outbreaks of gastroenteritis and otitis have occurred several times.

Chlorineis difficult to use and store due to its toxicity.

Further more,over the years many microorganisms such as Legionella pneumonophilia and poliovirus, have developed immunity to chlorine, and almost all microorganisms currently require increasingly larger quantities of chlorine in order to bedealt with.



  • Reduces without eliminating the need for chlorine use.

  • Large amounts of ozone required.

  • Insufficien tproduction in domestic pool systems.

  • Reduced disinfection capacity compared to hydroxyl (OI--) and oxygen (O).

  • Not suitable for indoor swimming pools.

  • Harmful to humans and the environment.

Microbiological tests

Watersterilization using ionization (copper and silver ions) kills the following microorganisms in dosages measured in parts per million. Aquascenic so far has managed to effectively control microorganisms, at a rate that exceeds 98%,using low-intensity ionization in fresh water facilities (while oxygenating thewater with titanium oxidation electrodes). There is no scientific proof that the microorganisms can acquire immunity to copper, or silver ions, such as the immunity evidenced with the use of chlorine.

We love pools.


Aquascenic of Sugar Valley spares us from the costs for the chlorine, algaecides and flocculant chemicals, which should be added to the pool water to achieve cleanliness and hygiene. Furthermore, Aquascenic reduces the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the balance of PH and water, but shall also reduce the maintenance cost of the other machines of your pool. But, the most important aspect is that the Aquascenic is proven to be GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

CRYSTALPOOLS is the exclusive representative of Aquascenic of Sugar Valley in Greeceand Cyprus and avails it accompanied by:

5 years guaranteer plus anadditional refund warranty, if you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days of use



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