Service for your pool

Crystal Pools undertake the service, or repair of your pool and its equipment, whether constructed by it, or not.

Maintaining the excellent condition of the pool depends on its correct maintenance, which is why we are there for you,when you request it.

We avail an organized Maintenance and After Sales Service department, manned by staff well trained in swimming pools’technology, therefore, we can respond to your needs, leaving to you only the enjoyment of your pool.

Indicatively, the services we provide include

  • on-site visits of our technicians and maintainers for the control of water quality, chemical equilibrium and sterilization, adding the necessary chemicals etc.

  • pool and filters cleaning and repair if necessary

  • overall control of the engine room and of the individual machines for the detection of any faults on all pool accessories.



I am very pleased with our choice to line our pool with pebbles. It turned out that it matches perfectly with the naturalness we wanted for our space. The water sparkles, and the color is blue. It not anabsorbent material, does not favor algae and it is not troubling when it comes to cleaning. And something very important: it does not appear dusty in the bottom on those windy days.

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