International standards and reliability

Crystal Pools, based on its scientific background and its long experience in pool construction, can supply and install for you the mechanical equipment thereby constructing the engine room of your pool.
The mechanical installations of Crystal Pools are designed according to the most stringent international regulations, using pipe and cabling sections and pump capacities that guarantee full water recirculation in less than 4 hours.

Moreover, we propose:

Alternative methods of water disinfection, such as

 Salt disinfection: using salt chlorinator
 100% chlorine-free disinfection: using oxygen, ionization and UV rays
 MagnaPool system using metal salts! NEW

 Cost-effective pool heating without oil: using an independent heat pumpespecially designed for pools

 Inverter pumps to reduce power consumption up to 70%!

Here you will find all kinds of mechanical equipment and a full range ofchemicals and spare parts
, which you can pick up immediately or have them delivered at your home.

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26th of June 2015


In the past, we used to have a painted pool, which was big trouble as every now and then we had to drain it andre-paint it, let alone the expenses .... Since we decided to line it with plaster, this was all over!  No more paint or maintenance, its color ispure white and the water is not burdened with toxic materials

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