Why build your pool with Gunite?

✓ A Gunite pool does not have any joints.

✓ 100% water proof frame.

 It is a pool with excellent seismic behavior.

 A Gunite pool is resistant, where really needed.

 Space and excavation costs savings.

 A Gunite provides full freedom of shaping.

 Predetermined budget.

 Final coating with plaster or tiles or pebbles.

 A Gunite puts an end to painting works.

 Warranty for the entire project.

 The advantages of pool construction withgunite

☞ 100% anti-seismic construction.

☞ 100% tightness.

☞ 100% freedom of shapes.

☞ 100% elimination of leakage risk.

☞ A pool with Gunite never needs painting.

☞ Thanks to the internal curves between walls and floor.

☞ 100% ease of cleaning.

☞ The automatic cleaner is able to proceed on the floor and walls without any difficulty.

☞ Better water quality thanks to the recirculation ease

☞ 15 days are enough for pools 50m2 or 25 days for pools 100m2.

Gunite Perfection

The scientific literature and technical literature of the University of Polytechnics assess the shot crete method (gunite) as the top construction method for pool frames.

What is Gunite?

Gunite,or shotcrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates and ad mixtures jetted underhigh pressure using special machinery. Ejection is performed directly onto the mold,or the excavation trench, following prior installation of steelworks, plumbingand electrical installations.

The result is a super-reinforced, armed frame with excellent seismic behavior and tightness. Grace to this high resistance and impermeability, gunite is used in demanding projects such as dams, retaining walls, waterproofing of basements and restoration of buildings damaged by earthquakes, as well as in tunnels suchas "Attiko Metro", the "Metro of London" etc.

We love pools.

Gunite pools are internally lined with a special resin filler, of American technology known as plaster, of white, blue or other color, that provides further sealing and does not require paint or other annual maintenance. On this, there is placement of an additional top coat of plaster, or of American, natural pebble coating, or tiles depending on your taste. Itis no coincidence that the most developed countries in the field of swimming pools, such as the US and Australia, build pools primarily of gunite.

Gunite construction method applies to all types of pools, whether skimmers, over flow or waterfall.

The experience of Crystal Pools

During our 22 years of experience, we have gained unique scientific training and specialization:

✓ A doctoral research on gunite, with European recognition

✓ Participationin an International 4-year program to study and improve the properties of gunite, following an invitation by the competent Committee of the European Union.

The success of this program, after numerous tests and experiments, and the construction of hundreds of gunite pools makes Crystal Pools a company with unique expertise and experience in gunite pools, not only in the Greek but also in the European market. Our constructions background includes pools ranging from 15m2 for private projects up to 1,100 m2 for a tourist complex in Greece.


26th of June 2015


In the past, we used to have a painted pool, which was big trouble as every now and then we had to drain it andre-paint it, let alone the expenses .... Since we decided to line it with plaster, this was all over!  No more paint or maintenance, its color ispure white and the water is not burdened with toxic materials

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