I acquired my love for pools from my father. Being a civil engineer himself, he founded in 1988 one of the first companies to professionally operate in pools’ manufacturing and technology.

Since then, all of us at Crystal Pools monitor very closely all the latest developments in pools domain and immediately implement them with all due responsibility and care.

My experience is complemented by special scientific training, as I own a doctoral in the research of gunite with global recognition

It should also be mentioned that ourcompany is the first in Greece to introduce and implement plaster for poolsealing and lining.

This technology, details of which are provided in the following pages, is of American origins and brought a whole new era inpool reliability and aesthetics.

Crystal Pools manufactures all types of swimming pools, using gunite, or concrete, or special panels.

Overflowing, or waterfall, or skimmer. The are lined with plaster, quartz pebbles, or liner/film or chip. In addition we can equip them according to your needs, with Jacuzzi or spa. And for those who prefer something healthier than chlorine, there are 100% chlorine-free solutions, such as disinfection using Oxygen or magnesium salts.

In order to ensure solid foundations both for your pool and our cooperation with you, we only use high quality materials that meet the most stringent European and international regulations.

We provide an ideal price-quality combination with highly aesthetic results and apply advanced technology mechanical equipment

We hope visiting our site, provides you with a comprehensive view of Crystal Pools. Our final objective is to build the pool of your dreams for you to enjoy at any time without problems.

We undertake to always be at your side, whenever you need us, to meet your needs in the best possible way.

Towards this end, we have organized a perfect, fast after sales service that is at your disposal at any time.

For what is ultimately important is our dedication to your dreams.

Dr. Pantelis Zisopoulos

Civil Engineering, BEng ACGI DIC PhD



I never though that I could save so much on power using an Inverter pump! They were right, indeed. Power consumption atthe pool dropped by 70%, while there is no longer noise from the engine room. It is more expensive than standard pumps, but it is really quickly amortized.

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