Our skin, our eyes, our hair no longer have any problem of long working hours in the water, since I am a professional swimming teacher. Me and my colleagues are truly lucky.
Magnapool wate ris suitable for babies too. Not swimming in a Magnapool pool is like missing out on a unique experience.


Once you swim in a Magnapool pool, you’ll never want to go back to a common pool.  Magnesium salts make skin and hair so soft, that you need not shower after swimming. It gives a sense of wellbeing and eliminates stress. What one needs after an intense day of work.


I never though that I could save so much on power using an Inverter pump! They were right, indeed. Power consumption atthe pool dropped by 70%, while there is no longer noise from the engine room. It is more expensive than standard pumps, but it is really quickly amortized.


Our pool is beautiful! The design isexactly as I had imagined it, thanks to gunite that has the ability to make curves without extra charge. As for the Robots we got for cleaning: the pool is kept spotless clean and the robot is not stuck at the curves or the steps,because it is 4WD ".


Our swimming pool is equipped with a metal frame and a printed liner like a mosaic. No one realizes it is not a mosaic,nor even ourselves. Its construction was fast and cost-effective as we were admitted to the law "on construction without the requirement for a permit". This year we enjoyed it greatly with our kids and friends.

26th of June 2015


In the past, we used to have a painted pool, which was big trouble as every now and then we had to drain it andre-paint it, let alone the expenses .... Since we decided to line it with plaster, this was all over!  No more paint or maintenance, its color ispure white and the water is not burdened with toxic materials